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Homsey Law Center is one of the few law firms in the nation that specializes in aviation accidents and that has a proven track record of success in litigating plane and helicopter related accident cases.

If you or a loved one was injured in an aviation accident, contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation.

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Fatality and Injuries in Recent Oklahoma Multi-Motorcycle Crash

A deadly motorcycle crash occurred on U.S. 81 earlier this month near Comanche, Oklahoma. One person was killed and multiple people were injured in the crash. According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the crash occurred at 11:30am and involved “at least 10 motorcycles”. One motorcycle rider, 53-year-old Monty Howell, was pronounced dead at the scene. […]

blue bell listeria recall

Blue Bell Expands Listeria Recall

Recently, Blue Bell Creameries expanded their recall due to the listeria virus to other related products. See this press release for more info on the recall and keep you family safe! Do you believe you or a loved one may have been harmed due to the Blue Bell recall? Give us a call today at 405-843-9923.

Oklahoma City injury lawyers

What Are the Legal Rights of Children Injured on a School Bus?

When children are injured in a school bus accident, it can be an awful time for everyone involved. But after making sure your child is safe, what’s the next step? Today, OKC injury attorneys at Homsey Law Center are going to explain the legal rights of children who have been injured on a school bus. […]